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Further Update about MER:


     With MER suspended we have not been able to answer your emails or take your phone calls.  But we have been able until now to keep our extensive archives available, to maintain our presence on the Internet with occasional updates, and to show repeat MERTV Programs this summer on cable TV.  And even under the increasingly difficult circumstances we have been looking for ways and trying to make some plans to make it possible to continue MER in the long-run one way or another.

     We do want to very sincerely thank those of you who have written to us and tried to call to MER.  Your many extraordinary messages of support and encouragement have been very important to us.  And yes we remain eager to hear from the rest of you so please do email to MER@MiddleEast.Org  as we do try to read and monitor everything even now.   When you get in touch please let us know who you are and where you are, along with any specific suggestions, comments, and advice you may have.

    Very soon now we will schedule a day-long time when it will be possible for those of you who have gotten in touch and who want to seriously contribute to making it possible for MER to continue to easily reach me personally by phone.  We do realize that establishing personal and direct contact is in some cases desireable and necessary.

    Meanwhile here are still more of the many messages we have been receiving about MER since we had to suspend publication and activities earlier this year.


          Mark Bruzonsky
          MER Publisher

Subject: voices in the wilderness

Dear Mark,
The struggle for truth is never easy...  Your efforts are much appreciated. 
I hope you will find a way to continue.

Lee Cheney

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

Dear Mark Bruzonsky,

I hope you will continue your work by way or other, because we don't want
the enemy of humanity to control the world as well we don't want them to
shut our mouth and control our freedom.


Dr. Fouad Elhage
Editor in Chief

Subject: MER

Why are you suspending the best information on the Net? Is it political censorship by the Bush junta or financial problems? Or possibly a combination of the two?   If I can help, let me know how. We badly need an alternative to the bullshit put out by the American media.

Peter John Kirsch

Subject: RE: MER has been Suspended

Dear Mark and all those responsible for the continuation of MER,
We here in
Western Australia, where many of us receive MER and
appreciate every article, would like to extend our concern for
the suspension of MER hoping you will get out of this as usual.
Lily Bahnam
Seekers of TRUTH in
Middle East, from Western Australia.

Subject: MER suspended, what can be done?

Dear MER,
I am a 33yr old mother of 3 living in rural NSW in
Australia, and have been recieving MER for about a year now. Why has MER been suspended? I think it is so important, now more than ever that people have access to info from people not owned by the corporate media.
Since I have been recieving MER, I have referred many people to MER, to give them the chance to see things they don't on TV. Is there anything I can do to help keep MER on air? Sam

Samantha Dunlop
Parkes -

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.'

I would like to help to maintain MER,

I do not know what I can do, please advice on how we can help, your publications helped us to keep our sanity when all else failed, just to know that some one out there really cares.

I am 61 years old and we deal in electronics and communications
Good luck

Emad Al-Yawer
Amman, Jordan

Subject: MER Suspension

Dear Mr. Bruzonsky
                                Having followed your missives with interest over the past few months
it was a disappointment to have your service suspended. Was it due to government constraints  or financial pressure ?
                                Our exposure in this remote location of
Western Australia to world news leaves us with a parochial and very skewed media...   Your excellent articles drop the missing pieces into jigsaw -----not an idyllic scene but necessary to put pressure on the parties at fault. Please keep up the good work for good of all.

                                   Best Regards   John Scroop        Dampier W.A.

Subject: RE: MER has been Suspended

From: "Adrian and Andrea Chan"

Dear MER,

Please continue if possible.  At this neck of the woods -
Sydney in
Australia - any criticism of Israel would be regarded  as Anti-semetic.  We
don't really get a balanced news about the Middle-East and I have often
forqrded your articles to friends elsewhere in Austrlia.

Subject: I've Missed MER

What has happened to MER? I really enjoyed the insight and true alternative views as
to what is going on in the
Middle East and within our government.

Mike Simpson
Whitehall, OH

Subject: would like to see MER continue

I've never emailed MER, but I really have appreciated reading about the 'rest of the story' that we Americans do not get due to the indirectly government controlled mass media. I am a 50 yr. old professional engineer in
Georgia, USA who works as a Georgia State Fire Marshal agent. Please keep up the GREAT WORK ! ! !

Ms. Jaimie Blackstone, P.E.

Subject: support for Mer

I hope that Mer will continue. I depend on Mer to give me a really fair assessment of what is happening in the
Middle East. I do call my congressmen on issues. I receive information from Christian Peacemakers Team in Hebron, and I belong to their Campaign for Secure Dwellings registering complaint about the home demolitions in Palestine. Mer has given me background information and important insight into the difficult situation. I hope Mark Bruzonsky is in touch with candidates for president.
Thank you,
Alice Kolbe
, MA 01010

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

I have been always impressed by Mark Bruzonski, his integrity, sincerity,
courage and political expertise on the
Middle East.
Why do you have to suspend MER?
Thank you.

Dr. Michel Abboud

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

It made me sad to read that MER might be suspended.  It has made a tremendous contribution in helping people like me understand the complex issues of the
Middle East and particularly the US policy in that area.  The articles and commentries that I have read there have been very analytical and insightful.  I hope your excellent team manages to continue with MER in one form or another.

Dr. Abdul Khaliq Kazi

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

Dear MER:
       Having no idea why you are stopping, I'm short on suggestions. I do think you provide important information and would love to see you continue your work.
       I am Director of a small, local non-profit in north
San Diego County (North County Forum). I have an e-list, a newsletter, events. I'd be glad to help publicize your situation and ask people to help or distribute your publications or something like that.
       Please let me know if I can do anything other than send a check (I already know that).
       Yours respectfully and thankfully,
, CA

Subject: RE: MER has been Suspended


I have found your website and emails to be an invaluable source of
unbiased, realistic and typically blunt information regarding
international events. I cannot imagine not having access to your
reporting and commentary...
Can you please synopsize the circumstances and individual forces behind
the suspension of the web site.
If we are to be of any help in
determining a course of action, and in providing any kind of support, it
is necessary to know what has transpired and who is responsible.  I
would very much like to help in any way possible within my means.


Roch Uhe
Sr. Customer Engineer

Subject: MER survival


I have no big-picture answer, but can contribute $25. I value what you are doing.

Gary Anderson
Lakewood, CO

Subject: Continuation of MER

Please don't fold.  Mer is one of the few sources of reliable information on
the dynamics of the

   Roland Micklem

Subject: RE: MER has been Suspended

I love the info and would be very disappointed to see it go but I'm not
able to help, exept maybe with a small monthly monetary contribution.
Elisabeth Hebert

Subject: Answer to MER

In such troubled time where gentils as much as jews will one day have to pay for the crimes perpetrated by
Sharon now every day , we have admired your courage in gighting such
aberation and distorday minds of the present administration .Pls. keep on .           

A. Thomas

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

This is a great service, please do not end it. We do need an alternative
to the Corporate Media.

Tirdad  Shirvani
Victoria, BC, Ca

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

I hope you will continue to exist and tell it as it is. I do not want to see
Mid -East Realities disappear.  What do we have to do to make sure you
continue to enlighten the people who live in a coccoon.

Leila Suleiman
Aurora, CO

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

I'm a Spanish teacher on summer vacation.  I don't have money to contribute, but I do have a little
time to donate to writing editorials, etc.  I'm not sure all the reasons for MER being suspended,
but I enjoy reading the insightful e-mails and would be happy to do something to help promote the
truth. Please let me know.

Dawn E. Ask Martín, K-12 Spanish Teacher/Translator/Interpreter
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Subject: save MER

We need an objective publication about the MIDDLE EAST.  PLEASE save
MER!!  ...
I really hope you will not stop publication.  There are so few sources
of accurate information about the
Mideast.  I don't know what your
problem is but I hope it can be solved.

Christopher Anderson

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

Why will MER be suspended?  What is the reason?  I have depended on MER for
a few years for my mid east news.  This makes me very sad.

Lisa Weikel deKoomen
Phoenix, MD

Subject: what an unfortunate event

dear sir,
with saddness i read your email about suspending MER, your news letter was
one of the few emails i used to read regarding that cover the middle east...
thank you for this wonderful service.
haidar razak

Subject: MER : THE END!

Dear Sirs,

Reading your highly informative and sincere column was the highlight of my email reading.

I will feel very sorry if you have no other alternative to continue your good and honest work.

I do hope that somehow you will get the support that you deserve and carry on with your mission.

Best regards
Frédéric Landes

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

Hello -- I am one of your readers in "very old Europe" -- i.e.
Switzerland, the French-speaking part, in fact where, thank
goodness, the government, and many people, have finally begun to
wake up to reality in the Middle East.  Incidentally, in this
part of
Europe, as in France, people are rather pround of being
called "old
Europe" and have difficulty understanding why anyone
would consider that as an insult.

I am a journalist and writer,  a specialist in the
Middle East --
not so much the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as what happens
further east and South.  Although  I am fairly convinced that
what happens anywhere in the ME affects the rest.  I have written
three books on the Arabian Pensinsula and the countries around
Persian Gulf -- all of them, including Iraq and IranWhich
also accounts for some of my present dismay.

I have found MER extremely useful in the months since I was
introduced to it.  For its access to exactly the news the large,
"embedded" -- in the sense of in-bed-with -- media are not
bringing us, and in its enormous held to me, on the other side of
the Atlasntic, in keeping a pulse on what is being said and
written, on all sides, in
America.  I hope the suspension is not
the result of the new crackdown on independent thinkig in the
  I don't have much money and no access to corporate or
institutional funds, but I would be happy to help in some small
personal way.

Best regards -- Liesl Graz

Subject: MER

     Whilst I feel that much of your material is somewhat slanted in favour of the Islamic jihadists, you provide a perspective on the
Middle East that cannot be obtained elsewhere.  If you can continue, you will be providing a service to millions of people, who would otherwise only receive reports from one side.  In this age it is vital to be able to look at problems from both sides - however unpalatable some views may be.  Unless both sides of a dispute can be effectively placed before the "thinking" people, they will be unable to make a valued judgement.  As a result views could become even more polarised than they are now.
        Please do your best to keep up this work.
Ian Munro -

Subject: RE: MER has been Suspended

Dear Sirs,

I am a Belgian engineer leaving in
Jordan since more then 10 years. I have always really appreciated the information you are sending us regularly as they are usually articles I can not find here or that would require to much effort to look after. I know many people here who are also receiving your mails and like them very much.

I do not understand your chronicle problems.   I suppose they are financial ones ?

Why you do not have a subscription to be entitle to receive those information.  We are paying yearly to receive economical or technical magazines - on line or not - and  I am sure many would agree to pay for your information as well.  You should fix a yearly rate. Give one month free subscription and then do not send mails to people who did not registered (You can continue to remind them or from time to time send them an interestingt article and ask them again to subscribe).

Hoping you will continue to publish "alternative" information for all of us,

Pascal HOYEZ

Subject: RE: MER has been Suspended



Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

I hope you are able to continue. It's an invaluable service.

Evalyn F. Segal

Subject: MER is ending?

Dear Mr. Bruzonsky - I, too, just heard you for the first time, briefly, on NPR here in
East Hampton, and I was very impressed.  I am not Jewish, but a person of conscience trying to understand the whole painful situation in Israel.  I urge you to continue your excellent work. 
    Julia Gargiulo



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