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We are making progress now in reorganizing MER and we want to thank so many of you again for your continuing support and encouragement at this important time.  Later this week we plan to update you further.  Below we are continuing to share with you a few more of the many extraordinary messages we have been receiving from people around the globe urging us to find some way to continue MER.   We are sharing these because we truly do believe MER has been a unique source of vital information, expert analysis, and independent perspective; and that we should if we can not only continue MER but improve, expand, and promote MER especially at this critical historical time.   As we continue working to reorganize MER and trying to take care of all the many details that go into such a uniquely independent and insightful publication, as well as the weekly TV program, we also need to be assured that we have the necessary independent financial support.  This too is an essential ingredient without which our ability to continue MER in a serious and sustained way, and to have the kind of impact we should, will not be possible.   Thus your tangible financial support is urgently needed particularly at this time if we are to be successful both in continuing and promoting MER.  What concerned people are willing to support financially will also now determine if we are able to continue and how.   One of the crucial keys to MER being so unique and so valuable is our complete and total independence, and this in turn means we have to turn to understanding and appreciative individuals for the financial means necessary for such an undertaking.   Checks made to MER should be sent to:


   POBox 4918

   Washington DC 20008


At this time we are showing past MERTV programs at MERTV.Org.   The very first program about the history of the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict is showing now.  And weekly we will try to show another MERTV program from the past.





Subject: MER

Mark -

Please do not cease publishing MER.
I need MER more than ever -
America needs MER more than ever. 
We are facing some very tough times ahead.

I heard your participation in a recent forum on NPR, trying to expose their
fraudulent brand of "journalism" (aka propaganda).
Appreciated your exposing of AIPAC's influence.

This is what
America needs to hear - OVER & OVER & OVER.

We are trying to do it in our local community - to expose the lies.
It's hard, because most Americans do not want to hear about how sinister our
country has become.  Just give us our fixes & don't confuse us with the facts.

You have had a direct impact on my personal transformation.
I continue to appreciate your unique perspective.
It has challenged my understanding of the world.

Sincerely -
Houston Barclay, CPA
Duvall, WA

(and father of a Marine Corporal presently being abused by Uncle Sam in

Subject: how to continue

well, my english is awful, i live in brasil, but here it comes...
the mer information is so important to my work...
you canīt left the information and the programms on the website
and sent some newsletters, sometimes?

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

I have long appreciated your frank and open comments re the
. Hopefully, these will not end at this time . . . critical as always!

Shanti jim bowne

Subject: re: suspension of MER

Hi Mark,

I have enjoyed your insights and would be most disappointed to see MER fold.

Let me know if there will be a change and or re-direction of your
activities. In the mean time thanks for all your input to our
understanding of the events unfolding in our day.

Best wishes for the future what ever course you take.

Michael Trinham (Rev)

Subject: continue

Dear Sir, MER has been such a great source to mid-eastern news and
activities that it is a crime not to continue. Our access to Mid-Eastern
sources is so limited that we cannot afford to lose you. ...if there is
anything I can do to help, let me know.

Doris Fuller, B.C.,

Subject: Re: MER has been Suspended

I am a journalist in an English newspaper in
Egypt but I don't like to write down my name... I also work as a....

I would like to tell you that some of your online reports reached the Egyptian president!
Yes it was of some effect.
You are very successful and very helpfull.

I want to know why do you want to suspend your activities, because it is your readers right to know.

Subject: suspension

I've been out of town.  Just ret. to find this e-mail re suspending MER.
It has been a terrific site!  A source unrivaled in its comprehensiveness
and insights.
  I've forwarded many of Mark's essays.  I would hate to see
it permanently gone.  When it wasn't up for a few weeks I tried to call
to find out what had happened.  I thought something bad might have
happened.  Glad to know you're back but sorry to know that MER might
suspend it's communications.

, California

Subject: Delayed comments

Dear Mark Bruzonsky

Being a fifth generation Australian I have been amazed and educated on
issues concerning the
Middle East.

I have a vested interest being married to a wonderful lady of Lebanese
decent, Mother (Lebanese), Father (Palestinian).  My wife is very vocal
about issues concerning the homelands and the
Middle East generally.

It is with much hope that the dissemination of factual information with

With thanks and hope for the future

Gerry Rowan
Hurlstone Park NSW Australia

Subject: MER

Why are you suspending the best information on the Net? Is it political censorship by the Bush junta or financial problems? Or possibly a combination of the two?
If I can help, let me know how. We badly need an alternative to the bullshit put out by the American media.
Peter John Kirsch
South Africa (ZA)

Subject: MER suspended, what can be done?

Dear MER,
I am a 33yr old mother of 3 living in rural NSW in
Australia, and have been recieving MER for about a year now. Why has MER been suspended? I think it is so important, now more than ever that people have access to info from people not owned by the corporate media.
Since I have been recieving MER, I have referred many people to MER, to give them the chance to see things they don't on TV. Is there anything I can do to help keep MER on air? Sam

Samantha Dunlop
Parkes -

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.'


Subject: RE: MER has been Suspended

Dear MER,

Please continue if possible.  At this neck of the woods -
Sydney in
Australia - any criticism of Israel would be regarded  as Anti-semetic.  We
don't really get a balanced news about the Middle-East and I have often
forqrded your articles to friends elsewhere in Austrlia.

Adrian and Andrea Chan

Subject: I've Missed MER

What has happened to MER? I really enjoyed the insight and true alternative views as to what is going on in the
Middle East and within our government.

Mike Simpson
Whitehall, OH

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