Audio Resources on Civil Liberties



  Just as Attorney General John Ashcroft is touring the country

  Promoting the 'Patriot Act,' we've posted audio of terrific national speakers on

  civil liberties from the July 25-26 Conference - "Protecting Our Civil Liberties:

  The Core of Democracy"


  A photo gallery of speakers with links to their talks and interviews

  from the conference and related resources is available at


  Hear alternatives to John Ashcroft's vision for America.


  *Frank Serpico (exposed corruption in NYPD and champion of civil liberties);

  *Christopher Pyle (Mt. Holyoke College Constitutional Law professor

  who blew the whistle on US Army spying on civilians in the 70's);

  *C. William Michaels (legal expert and noted author of "No Greater Threat -

  America After September 11th and the Rise of the National Security State");

  *Bill Newman, ACLU attorney and advisor to the national Bill of Rights

  Defense Committee; *Mahsa Khanbabai, attorney and expert on the effects of post-9/11      actions on immigrants;

  *Irvine Sobelman, co-founder of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, *Sut Jhally, professor of communication at the University of

  Massachusetts at Amherst, and founder and executive director of The

  Media Education Foundation in Northampton. (audio of Mr. Jhally



  We've also posted photo albums of the entire conference.


  MP3 audio may be downloaded for replay for non-profit use only, with

  attribution. Contact us if you require higher bit rate audio for radio



  Next up: Photo-journal and media coverage of recently completed 8

  stop, 3 state tour on 'depleted' uranium with Doug Rokke, Ph.D.,

  former head of US Army DU project after the Persian Gulf War. We've

  posted his Nagasaki Day address (go to homepage - - and are working on dates for fall DU tour.

  Groups from over 10 states are seeking to host events on 'depleted'





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