U.S. media once again misses important stories on Iraq – how U.S. troops killed some more children and how CIA agents looted Uday and Qusay’s former villa

It’s getting to be a sad cliché, but these two recent stories in the Independent of England are more examples of why you can’t rely on the U.S. media to give you the "other side" of the story in Iraq. You have to read British papers and others.

This one is on how U.S. troops fired on another car full of harmless Iraqis and killed a man and his three children. To compound the tragedy, soldiers let the children bleed at the scene for more than an hour before sending them to the hospital. A doctor said at least one of the dead children would have lived had they been allowed to seek immediate medical attention.


This one is on how U.S. CIA agents looted the villa of Uday and Qusay Hussein before bulldozers demolished their former home to prevent it from being made into a shrine by Iraqis nostalgic for Hussein's rule. One bald CIA agent with an automatic rifle slung over his shoulders, said he was from Colorado and admitted he was collecting souvenirs for himself and his colleagues. "He and other armed Americans were removing pieces of blue and pink marble from interior walls and stacking them in the back of their vehicle," the article says.


As a U.S. journalist myself, I’m ashamed of the U.S. media’s cowardice and inability to cover these important stories. But hats off to the British media.