Defense Department Pulls Website for Futures Market on MiddleEast Instability


A embarrassed DOD has pulled the Policy Analysis Market (PAM) website.

Paul Wolfowitz was grilled today in the US Senate. This link no longer works -


Fortunately, for anyone who has not seen these yet, I was able to

download and save two key pages the concept overview and the list of

involved organizations before they yanked it. We've posted these as

screenshots. I was also able to post a text copy of their page on how

to become a PAM trader. The PAM site is wiped off Google, but I was

able to resurrect the trader text from a Google cache.


The above are found on our homepage at


We also have links to helpful articles, and a little research. The PAM

Site was registered on March 12, 2003; Network Solutions, Inc. is the


We've posted an intriguing article from June 24, 2002 - 'War Dividends'

That references this project as a grant from Defense Advanced Research

Project Agency (DARPA) to Net Exchange. It's not clear that the original intent was to set up a publicly traded Futures Market. The article's focuses on predictions that hi-tech companies will profit from 9/11, with discussion of the economic prospects of smart ID cards (perhaps for virtually everyone in the US) and surveillance technologies such as data mining.



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