Greetings -

**Scott Ritter Transcript** -  on Perpetual War and the Rise of Fascism

We have uploaded to our transcript of the amazing
July 9th International Press Conference with Scott Ritter.  Since the press
conference, he has been interviewed on CNN and given a press conference at
the UN. His new book - "Frontier Justice: Weapons of Mass Destruction and
the Bushwhacking of America" - came out this week.

>From the Traprock press conference:

"There are four words that the American people need to familiarize
themselves with: democracy, republic, oligarchy, fascism. We're supposed to
live in a democratic republic. We don't. We line in an oligarchy,, and we're
sliding towards fascism..." Scott Ritter

We encourage downloading and radio airing of the press conference. It has
played in the Boston area and Australia. Where else? Email us if you know.

**Christopher Pyle  - Audio and Transcript**

Professor Pyle is the former US Army officer who blew the whistle on the
Army's spying on US citizens during the Vietnam War. Traprock organized a
press conference on July 15th. We didn't expect a crowd mid-day on a work
day, but we got one, plus three newspapers and award winning videographer
Robbie Leppzer.  See

Pyle revisited the government's intimidation and harassment of civilians and
shows the much greater danger that we face today, given new governmental
powers such as those under the Patriot Act. There laws, and new computer
technologies, are endangering privacy and freedom.  He teaches
Constitutional Law at Mt. Holyoke College. As with the Scott Ritter audio,
we want this on the radio airwaves. The mp3's are broadcast quality.

**Civil Liberties and Human Rights ** a new web page at Go there to learn about the
upcoming Civil Liberties Conference - July 25-26 - in Greenfield, MA with
keynote speaker Frank Serpico, and a host of great presenters. Joining the
panel just this week is Sut Jhally  of the Media Education Foundation. And,
the Greensboro Justice Fund has come on as co-sponsor, joining Pax Christi
USA, the Peace Development Fund and a host of regional co-sponsors.

The new web-page brings together in one place Traprock's  efforts to provide
resources and educational programs on civil liberties and human rights. We
also  include links to leading organizations, such as our neighbors, the
Bill of Rights Defense Committee ( And, we include a fine list of
alternative media, since in the US, mass media has become part of the
problem. See

**Coming - more REALAUDIO of talks for slow internet connections (it's time
consuming, so please bear with me!) and some surprises. You will also see
extensive coverage of the Civil Liberties Conference. Expect a wealth of
material out of that conference. (We have something SPECIAL planned for
October 7th - hold the date!)

**The Doug Rokke national DU tour is coming along very well. One or two
dates may be available in August, and we're filling up September with
primarily mid-west and west coast dates. Call Sunny Miller at 413-773-7427
to book Doug Rokke - an expert on DU and an excellent speaker.