PUBLIC      AI Index: MDE 13/021/2003  
        15 July 2003

Further Information on UA 181/03 (MDE 13/015/2003, 20 June 2003)
New concerns: Fear for safety/ Medical concern

IRAN        Simin Mohammadi (f), 22, student
        Manuchehr Mohammadi (m) student activist, her brother

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Simin Mohammadi, who is
reportedly being held in solitary confinement at Evin prison, in the capital
Tehran. She does not have access to a lawyer, and may be at risk of torture or
ill-treatment. Amnesty International fears that Simin Mohammadi may have been
detained solely because she is the sister of student activist Manuchehr
Mohammadi, who has been in prison since 1999.

According to a family member, Simin Mohammadi, travelled with her father,
Mohammad Mohammadi from Amol in northern Iran to Tehran in order to obtain more
information on the status of Manuchehr Mohammadi. On 8 July, as they were
walking in Enghlab Square, near Tehran University, they were reportedly separated,
forced into two vehicles by a group of plain clothed individuals and taken to
Evin prison.

On arrival at Evin prison, Mohammad Mohammadi was reportedly placed into
solitary confinement. He suffered a heart attack on the same day, and was
reportedly taken to a nearby hospital where he received medical treatment for three
days under the surveillance of officials from Evin prison. After a relative
posted bail on his behalf, Mohammad Mohammadi was transferred to a hospital in
Amol where his wife could visit him. He is reportedly required to return to the
Revolutionary Court at a future date, for questioning.

On 11 July, Simin Mohammadi was able to telephone her mother to inform her
that she had been detained. Officials from the Revolutionary Court have since
reportedly informed her family that a bail of 10 million Toman, or around USD 12
thousand would be required to secure her temporary release.

There is no further information currently available on the status of
Manuchehr Mohammadi.

In Iran, there is a long standing pattern of detention of family members
solely on account of the alleged actions of their family members, especially in
cases with a prominent media profile in the country.

On 15 June 2003, journalist Mohsen Sazegara, was arrested together with his
son Vahid Sazegara (See UA 173/03, MDE 13/014/2003, 18 June 2003) while family
members of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri have also faced human rights violations
(see Human Rights VIlations against Shi'a Religious Leaders and their
Followers, MDE 13/18/97, June 1997)

Manuchehr Mohammadi, a high-profile student activist was arrested on 13 July
1999, in connection with his participation in large student demonstrations
held to protest against press laws limiting freedom of expression and the closure
of the newspaper Salam (Peace). He was reportedly held in incommunicado
detention, ill-treated and, on 19 and 26 July 1999, was forced to appear on Iranian
state television in order to "confess" to his involvement with
"counter-revolutionary agents"(See UA 170/99, AI Index: MDE 13/19/99, 20 July 1999). In the
course of the same events, his brother Akbar was also arrested and subject to
ill-treatment in detention: Prison guards reportedly beat him until he was on
the point of losing consciousness, saying that all he had to do was to blink
to accept the charges against him. Akbar Mohammadi may have been targeted for
arrest because of the connection with his brother, Manuchehr Mohammadi. Both
faced manifestly unfair trials and on 28 October 1999 (See UA 160/99, MDE
13/14/99, 4 November 1999) Manuchehr Mohammadi was reportedly sentenced to 13 years'
imprisonment in connection with the student demonstrations; Akbar was
initially sentenced to death. In November 1999, his sentence was reduced by Bench 21
of the Tehran Appeal Court to seven years while Akbar's was reduced to 15

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in
Persian, English, French or your own language:
-expressing concern for the safety of Simin Mohammadi, whom Amnesty
International fears may be at risk of torture and ill-treatment in Evin Prison, Tehran;
-calling for her to be treated humanely while in detention, given access to
her family, legal representation of her choice, and any medical treatment she
may require;
-asking for Simin Mohammadi to be released immediately unless she is to be
charged with a recognizable criminal offence;
-reminding the authorities that according to Iranian law and Article 7 of the
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Iran
is a state party "No one shall be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading
-calling for all those found responsible of torture of prisoners to be
brought to justice in fair trials.

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