Scott Ritter gave an international press tele-conference at Traprock Peace
Center on July 9th. He fielded questions from local reporters (NPR
affiliate/WFCR's Bob Paquette and Diane Broncaccio of the Greenfield
Recorder.) and others participating through a conference call/speaker phone.

Calling in were Kimiko Aoki, Japanese Public Broadcasting; Andrew Stelzer,
KBOO , Portland, OR; Adrian Glamorgan, journalist from Australia; Mike
Zmolek, National Network to End the War Against Iraq in D.C; Michael Rivaro, in Hawaii; and we had a question forwarded by Judith
Monachina, The Advocate, Lenox and North Adams, MA. See

Ritter put together the weapons inspection team's procedures after the Gulf
War and led many of the inspections himself. (Richard Butler, in Australia,
is quoted as saying that Scott was right after all.)

This interview makes available historic detail and extensive commentary
based on first -hand experience with Iraqis, intelligence services
world-wide, and with duplicitous US policies.

"It's President Bush that's killing Americans; he put them in harm's
war...We're waging an illegal war of aggression." He warned that the US is
slipping from oligarchy (alas, not from democracy) to fascism.

Why now?  The US and UK have found no weapons of mass destruction, because
there aren't any. Ritter's been saying this all along. A year before Gulf
War II started, March and April (2002), he said during speaking events that
the US was going to war no matter what, that there were no WMD's left, and
that the US would get hopelessly bogged down with thousands of US military
and Iraqi civilian deaths (on top of the 1.5 million Iraqi's who died due to
sanctions, he reminds his audiences.)

See for more information on
Traprock's work with Scott Ritter.   Traprock arranged and accompanied him
on tours to Boston, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Chicago and Wichita, with large
speaking events, website coverage and 4 editorial board interviews (Globe,
Sun, Tribune and our own Greenfield Recorder.). In his new edition to
Endgame, he credited Traprock with taking his message to the nation last

This week, he announced a forthcoming book "Frontier Justice: Weapons of
Mass Destruction and the Bush Whacking of America."

Thank you.

Charles Jenks, attorney at law
President of the Core Group
Traprock Peace Center
103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342