aicmail <> wrote:


I accuse Ariel Sharon and Shaul Mofaz, Prime minister of Israel and
its Minister of Defense respectively of provoking the assassination
of tens of Israelis for the sake of narrow political interests.

I accuse Ariel Sharon and Shaul Mofaz of contentiously provoking a
military escalation between Israelis and Palestinians for the sake of
the settlement enterprise.

When Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and minister of Defense, Shaul
Mofaz, approved the failed attempt to assassinate Hamas leader Abdel
Aziz Rantizi they knew that the attack will end negotiations between
the Palestinian opposition and the Palestinian National Authority for
a general cease-fire. Sharon and Mofaz also knew that the attempted
assassination would finish the road map. Furthermore, they know that
Hamas retaliation is just a question of time. As such, they are
responsible for the acts of retaliation that will surely follow.

The assassination came two days after the Likud conference during
which Sharon and Mofaz realized they have no majority in the party
and the parliament for the implementation of the roadmap. Both of
them knew that implementing the roadmap means sacrificing their
political carrier.

But, Sharon and Mofaz also know that the implementation of the road
map is part of a strategic reshaping of the Middle East for the US
administration. Both of them know that not implementing the road map
means a clash with the US and a consequent sacrifice their political

Only a major attack on Israeli civil population could and the
following escalation of hostilities can save the political carrier of
the Likud's leaders. When approving the assassination of Rantizi both
of them knew that such an attack would give legitimacy for a military
escalation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and put an end to
the implementation of the road map while blaming
publicly "Palestinian terrorism" for the coming wave of violence.

Sharon and Mofaz provocation is not surprising. Ariel Sharon has
built a political career on the dead bodies of Palestinians and
Israelis. It was Sharon's personal settlement (comprising of just one
house) in the old city of Jerusalem that formed the reasons for the
eruption of the first Intifada, and it was Sharon provocative visit
to the Haram Al-Sharif that sparked the second intifada. Shaul Mofaz
is against any political settlement with the Palestinians.
Representing the Israeli army he conceives a continuous state of war
as a positive reality.

The criminal behavior of the Israeli government is dangerous for
Palestinians and Israelis, only direct and indirect intervention of
the international can prevent the continuous violence in the region
that costs thousand of lives and will cost more in the future. The
lack of intervention of the international community will mean
complicity with the crimes of Israeli government against civilians.

I accuse Sharon and Mofaz to be responsible for the death of hundreds
of Palestinians and Israelis as consequence of their provocation.

Sergio Yahni
The Alternative Information Center