Support our troops, President Bush

Dear President Bush,

Why did you approve a 100 billion dollar wartime budget, while in the
same week, CUT 25 BILLION dollars out of Veteran benefits and medical
benefits? How can you justify sending these young men over there to
fight and die, and then screw them like this? All I'm asking is that
you support our troops, President Bush.

As someone who respects and admires those who have served our
country, I am greatly offended by this. I think that if they were
willing to go over, and fight your war, they deserve some kind of
retribution, some kind of reward. Your actions of cutting their
benefits are a literal slap in their face.

The majority of Gulf War and Vietnam veterans I have talked to told
me that they were pretty much screwed by the Veterans Association.
One Gulf War veteran even reported being "experiemented on" by the
State Department. Many of them went to the VA and reported symptons
of "Gulf Syndrome", and yet many were turned down, left out in the
rain to fend for themselves, disabled. As of your recent Veterans
benefits slash, now the veterans of our past wars can't get as much
of the benefits they deserve as previously.

How dare you call yourself patriotic, when you take these kind of
actions. You have become a traitor to those men who call themselves
WARRIORS and were willing to fight and die for you. Why didn't you
proudly announce your 25 billion dollar budget cut from the Veteran
Benefits as proudly as you annuonced your declaration of war on Iraq?

And how in the world can you possibly justify fighting
for "democracy" in another country when your renegade Justice
Department and John Ashcroft are destroying our Bill of Rights, our
Constitution? What about 9-11, and the investigation? Why has your
adminstration been uncooperative with the investigation? What are
yall afraid of? Or more like, what is it that you all are hiding?

America doesn't need you, or want you. Please step down from office
in 2004.

Corey Cananza

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