Brave Workers of Iran, Begin the Nationwide Strike

The founders of the 1979 revolution began their campaign with deceiving lies, promising workers, toilers and farmers a better life. Consequently, it was manifested that after the establishment of the Islamic Republic the only aim of these founders was plundering the national wealth and widening the economic gap with the enforcement of dictatorship and tyranny.

Not only did the warehouses and factories fail to advance, however day-by-day they began to close and go bankrupt. The Iranian workers have become poorer. Their wages have become long past due. Many have been laidoff and unemployed. The agriculture has become destroyed and the Iranian farmers have fallen restless in drought.

When widespread objections from workers and farmers had broken out, the regime had resorted to repression, blood and violence in aim of silencing the voice of the worker.

In the past 24 years, the regime has suppressed pro-worker organizations, which in truth spoke on behalf of the workers. In place, the regime has established fraud workers’ party in which do not represent the workers, however support the longevity of the Islamic regime with all its repression and corruption.

In recent years, with the widespread demonstrations led by workers and farmers, the regime had responded to these objections against poverty and unemployment with violence and brutality; in which the most recent repressive attack by the Islamic regime was done in Behshahr.

Consequently, a fair campaigning of the workers’ rights and their ideal structure of society may only be carried out in a true democratic state where true representatives speaking on behalf of the workers’ front may freely establish an organization and participate in free elections.

The establishment of workers’ rights is dependent on a democratic state in which the anti-patriotic Islamic regime is an obstacle. True democracy can only be achieved with the separation of religion and state, the freedom of speech and assembly for all political parties and groups.

The regime has shown none other than repression, imprisonment, torture and fraud nationality. With this said, in order to achieve true democracy and justice, the freedom movement must continue until the complete overthrow of the regime through the peaceful means of referendum deciding the future government of Iran.

Workers and farmers must come to the realization that widespread mobilization against the regime is a primary step needed towards the freedom from poverty, corruption and tyranny.

The workers and toilers must establish independent groups or organizations of workers and farmers. Amongst the workers and farmers, there are brave and well aware fighters that can spread the message of the workers, a message that the regime fears, through means of established organizations.
Consequently, by inaugurating widespread, nationwide strikes in the factories and warehouses, the regime will fall under immense pressure. The students and political activists are ready and prepared to welcome the workers and toilers in coalition against dictatorship and repression.

Therefore, the unity of workers, students and patriots will create a strong, defiant front against the dictatorial and tyrannical Islamic Republic.

May 1st is known as Workers’ Day of the world. It is the day the workers and toilers of Iran unite in widespread, nationwide demonstrations and strike against injustice and repression. Without doubt, we will hear the slogans:
Workers, Students, Strike, Strike
The Only Path to Freedom: Unity, Solidarity, Victory
Worker, Teacher, Student, Unite, Unite
Referendum, Referendum, This is the People’s Slogan

The regime is well aware of the inauguration of widespread, nationwide strikes with workers, students and patriots united in full force; this may well be the final blow to a dying regime.

On the occasion of Workers’ Day, The National Union of Iranian Students and Graduates calls for unity and solidarity in support of the workers’ front. In conclusion, our message to the oppressed workers of Iran is this:
In Aim of Unity and the Overthrow of the Islamic Republic,
Brave Workers of Iran, Begin the Nationwide Strike,
We Students of Iran Will Remain Alongside You Until Our Final Breathe of Life
Long Live Freedom - Bring the Establishment of Democracy - Down with Dictatorship
National Union of Iranian Students and Graduates

Alliance of Iranian Students