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MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 30 March 2003:    This is a time for plain speaking as well as blunt even crass analogies.  There's no doubt the Arabs collectively and individually -- both regimes and peoples -- have allowed themselves for some time now to be repeatedly raped and fucked by the Americans and by the Israelis -- everyone knows this though very few are able/willing to use clear and  straight-forward language to say so, and fewer still are ever allowed to be heard even if they do.   But those who are willing to suffer and to tolerate such repeated abuse from others are also guilty of grossly abusing and screwing each other.
      Amid so many insane and traumatic developments of recent days there's also this maddening one.  The Saudis have now publicly protested to the Americans not because so many cruise missiles have been flying over "the Kingdom" on the way to devastating Iraq; but because a few duds have landed with a thud in the Arabian Desert!   This is the same Saudi Arabia of course whose shamefully stupid and former drunken/playboy King recently got drugged up to speak to his country about how there would be no cooperation with the U.S. military in the war with Iraq!  (Later that same day General Tommy Franks arrived to visit Prince Sultan Airbase, not far from Riyadh, from where the U.S. air war is being commanded!).  This is the same Saudi Arabia whose miserably misguided Crown Prince Abdullah earlier this year insisted he was sure there wasn't going to be a war, while last year he stupidly invited an American Jewish journalist working for one of the most pro-Israeli American newspapers to loudly proclaim that they shared the same Palestinian 'peace plan' -- even before he told his own people!  And this is the same Saudi Arabia which for more than 20 years now has allowed Ambassador "Prince Bandar" to so lavishly and foolishly squander huge amounts of money, not to mention the little "dignity" the royal family has left, attempting to buy and prostitute everything Arab and Muslim in America -- and just look at the result!
     Indeed, had it not been for the pathetic weakness, divisions, corruption, incompetence, and cowardice of the major and minor Arab regimes themselves, the Americans would never have been able to do to the Iraqis and Palestinians -- not to mention to the Lebanese, Libyans and so many other groups and nations in the region -- what they and their Israeli ally have managed to do.   Indeed had the Egyptians refused to let the grand American warships use the Suez Canal, at least pending passage of the now-aborted Security Council resolution, this terrible war may not have taken place as it has.   Indeed had the Saudis not pledged to increase oil supplies and make sure the Western economies were not harmed, the Americans would have had to think much longer and much harder about what they are doing.  Indeed had Kuwait not welcomed the American military invaders with open arms what is happening could not have.   And had Qatar, that little territory of a few miles and 200,000 citizens, not allowed itself to become a complete U.S. protectorate in the past few years, the events of today would probably not be taking place.  And the list goes on...Bahrain, Oman, UAE...not to mention the horrible bumbling and bowing of Yasser Arafat, Abu Mazen and the so-called "Palestinian Authority".  
     Most of all had King Abdullah and Hosni Mubarak et. al. -- manipulating and co-opting on behalf of the Americans the Cairo-based Arab League -- not cooperated with the U.S. and Israel in so many public and secret ways at so many critical times in the past the Arabs themselves might actually have some credibility, honor and self-confidence -- not to mention power -- and be able to minimally stand up for themselves right there in their own backyards and tell the Americans 'no', 'no thanks', 'do not', 'we will not' cooperate in or tolerate such further rape and humiliation from you and your Israeli and Anglo mentors.

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