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                                                 "The Iranian, Syrian, and Saudi tyrants know
                                                   that if we win a quick victory in Iraq and
                                                   then establish a free government in Baghdad,
                                                   their doom is sealed."
                                                                            Michael Ledeen
                                                                            (Another of the tough-guy, Israeli-centric militarists
                                                                            connected to Perle, Wolfowitz, Abrams, et. al., in the
                                                                            top ranks of the Bush Administration)

MID-EAST REALITIES - MER - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 3/21/2003:   The US/UK/Israel WAR OF CONQUEST is now changing our world in ways unforeseen, and quite unimaginable, just a short time ago.  Quite clearly the US intended from the start to use "9/11" as the excuse to make the 'new world order' real -- pushing, cajoling, and bombing the world into submission.  All the 'diplomacy' at the United Nations was both subterfuge and time-for-preparation.  Through frightening military supremacy and technological wizardry the US Empire is now determined to take much more direct and firm control of the Middle East region -- its resources, its people, its very history -- and then beyond.  Already in the gunsights and subject to future 'regime change' demands are Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and of course North Korea.  The article below by notorious right-wing crusader hawk, Michael Ledeen -- a long time member of the same extended Israeli/Jewish lobby from whence come Perle, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Feith, etc. -- expresses more clearly than the others are able to from their official positions just where they intend to now take the USA and hence our entire world.

                               DEATHS AS ANTI-WAR PROTESTS SPREAD

SANA'A Yemen - CNN - 21 March:    Four people were shot dead and dozens more were injured Friday as police clashed with demonstrators trying to storm the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, witnesses told CNN,on a second day of worldwide protests against the war in Iraq.

Police began shooting after tear gas failed to disperse a crowd of about 2,000 people who gathered at the embassy in the capital San'a after Friday prayers.

Meanwhile in Cairo, Egypt, Muslims hurled rocks and furniture at riot police from the roof of the historic al-Azhar mosque after Friday prayers.

As tens of thousands of protesters headed for the Arab League headquarters and the U.S. Embassy, vowing to burn it down and kick out the ambassador, police turned water cannon on the crowds.

Plainclothes police carrying batons were seen beating several protesters. The Associated Press reported that more than 30 protesters and police were injured.

Demonstrators, including women and children, accused Arab governments of "cowardice" for not taking a stand against the war.

In Amman, Jordan, police used tear gas against more than 10,000 people demonstrating against the war in a rally led by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thousands of Palestinians also demonstrated across the West Bank and Gaza in support of Iraq, waving Iraqi flags, holding pictures of Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat and calling on the Iraqi president to "burn Tel Aviv."

Friday's protests followed unrest across the world on Thursday, including the United States, where more than 1,500 people were arrested from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. (Full story)

In Srinagar, the summer capital of India's northern state of Jammu and Kashmir, protesters shouted anti-U.S. slogans and pelted stones at passing cars. Police were forced to use batons and tear gas to disperse crowds.

Thousands of Muslims in eastern Malaysia burned American and British flags and effigies of the two countries' leaders.

In Bangladesh, thousands marched through the streets of Dhaka, shouting slogans like: "Bush is a war criminal."

In Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim nation, demonstrators threw eggs and vegetables at the British Embassy in the capital, Jakarta.

In Pakistan, the nation's religious right called for peaceful protests against the war but withdrew demands for a nationwide strike, saying it would hurt ordinary Pakistanis.

Labor unions in Greece declared a four-hour strike Friday while in Germany, police broke up a sit-down protest outside the U.S. military's European Command in Stuttgart.

In Melbourne, Australia, about 5,000 protesters marched Friday to the sound of mock air raid sirens. In Japan, at least 11,000 people marched amid calls for boycotts of U.S. brands including Nike, IBM and Starbucks.

                         AFTER BAGHDAD, TEHRAN, DAMASCUS, RIYADH
                                                     Michael A. Ledeen*

New York Sun - March 19, 2003:   The battle for Iraq is about to begin, and in all likelihood it will involve us in the broader war about which the president has been speaking ever since September 11, 2001. Once upon a time, it might have been possible to deal with Iraq alone, without having to face the murderous forces of the other terror masters in Tehran, Damascus, and Riad, but that time has passed. We have given them more than a year to prepare for this moment, and they are ready.

The Iranian, Syrian, and Saudi tyrants know that if we win a quick victory in Iraq and then establish a free government in Baghdad, their doom is sealed. It would then be only a matter of time before their peoples would demand the same liberation we brought to Afghanistan and Iraq. Thus, they must do everything in their power to tie us down in Iraq, bleed us on the ground, frustrate our designs, and eventually break our will.

This strategy has been developed in months of frenetic discussions among the political, military, and intelligence chieftains of the key countries, with outside participation from the North Koreans. Our military and intelligence services know that Iran has sent hundreds of suicide bombers into Iraq, along with battle-tested Hezbollah fighters armed with whatever nasty weapons the Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranian laboratories have been able to produce. Terrorists from Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and the others have infiltrated Iraq, both north and south, and they will move against American and British targets of opportunity once we are on the ground. Kamikaze pilots have been trained to fly the old Iraqi jets that were moved into Iran during the first Gulf War, and will be sent against land and sea targets, and some of those aircraft have been transformed into guided missiles, packed with chemical and biological agents.

This broader context has been lost in the long obsession with Saddam Hussein, and the two diplomatic diversions--first the Saudi "peace plan" and then the United Nations' gambit--that have cost us a full year in the war against terrorism. Indeed, some of our top diplomats are willfully ignorant of the nature of the war: Just a few weeks ago, Deputy Secretary of State Armitage pronounced in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that Iran was "a democracy." By this standard, Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini would also qualify as model democrats. In recent interagency discussions, State Department officials have dismissed concerns about the movements of Hezbollah terrorists into Iraq on the grounds that they are going to defend Iraqi Shi'ites.

If we understand this war correctly, the Iraqi Shi'ites will fight alongside us against the Iranian terrorists, for the Iraqis want freedom, and they know they will not get any from the mullahs in Tehran. But our diplomats and intelligence analysts have long insisted that there is an unbridgeable chasm between Shi'ites and Sunnis, even when there is overwhelming evidence of intimate cooperation of the sort that has been going on ever since Afghanistan. Just two weeks ago, for example, Hezbollah's founder, Mohtashemi Pour, traveled to Beirut and Damascus to coordinate the terror strategy, and then returned to Tehran where he met with Iraqi representatives. The terror network today is right out of The Godfather. The heads of the five families have met and agreed upon a war strategy.

It would be a terrible humiliation for America and Britain to fall prey to needless bloodshed because we blinded ourselves to the larger war in which we are now engaged. Iraq is a battle, not a war. We have to win the war, and the only way to do that is to bring down the terror masters, and spread freedom throughout the region.

Rarely has it been possible to see one of history's potential turning points so clearly and so dramatically as it is today. Rarely has a country been given such a glorious opportunity as we have in our hands. But history is full of missed opportunities and embarrassing defeats.

We'll know soon which destiny we will achieve.

* Michael A. Ledeen holds the Freedom Chair at AEI.

(MER NOTE:  AEI is the American Enterprise Institute, the same right-wing militarist downtown Washington think-tank where President Bush delivered his major televised speech about the Middle East a few weeks ago.  Ironically, AEI was founded long ago by a conservative Republican Arab American, William Baroody).

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