US held responsible for increasing unrest

The Nation, March 18, 2003

Peshawar: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) expressing concern over the ongoing unrest in the war-ravaged country, held the United States responsible for it, alleging that the US always patronized the extremists for meeting her own nefarious designs.

The RAWA emphasized that the main reason for Afghanistan's unparalleled back ward ness and the servitude of its men and women is that the orthodox people are in power.

A declaration was adopted at a gathering organize by the RAWA in connection with the International Women's Day on March 17 instead of March 8.

Besides leading activists and stalwarts of RAWA, the function was attended by a large number of women residing in Peshawar and its surrounding areas. The function was also addressed by leaders from political (Sherpao) Sikandar Hayat Khan and Senator Aneesa Zeb Tahirkheli' Awami National Party's Haji Mohammad Adeel and Communist Mazdoor Kisan Party's Afzal Shah Khamoosh.

One of the RAWA activists in her speech reminded that last year they promised to observe the international Women's Day inside Afghanistan but they failed in materializing such a dream. She recalled that despite certain observations, the RAWA had not only backed the Bonn Accord but it announced support to President Hamid Karzai,s government although now "we are disappointed".

The declaration said that, no big change would occur regarding the present conditions, unless the whole nation and particularly our women march on the path of struggle for freedom. The unity of all democracy- loving forces is the sole guarantee of victory.

"To day the threat of awful war by the US and UK for the control of oil of the Gulf region and for the bulling and frightening of other countries under the excuse of Saddam's regime toppling, has already cast its shadow over Iraq. It is the obligation of all peace-loving forces of Afghanistan to take a firm stand against warmongers with full solidarity with worldwide anti-war movement. The RAWA stretches the hand of unity towards all those organisations and personalities that march towards that day with out being afraid of a resolute and unwavering struggle against the fundamentalists and their masters," it said.

In their speeches, the leaders of PPP (S), ANP and Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party expressed satisfaction over the RAWA efforts for democracy and safeguarding of the basic human rights. They also assured support. Senator Aneesa Zeb Tahirkheli said RAWA should not confine its movement to Afghan women but it should also raise voice in favor of right s of the women from Pakistan, who are deprived of their basic rights. ANP's Haji Mohammad Adeel said that like of RAWA, his party had always opposed mujahideen and Taliban.

He reminded the audience that their leaders, particularly the late freedom fighter Bacha Khan, had denounced the jihad when the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and termed it a war between the United States and the former USSR.


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