Afghans urged to work jointly for peace

The News International, March 18, 2003
By Syed Bukhar Shah

PESHAWAR: The speakers at a function here on Monday reiterated their commitment to render every sacrifice to block the way of fundamentalism and urged upon the Afghan nation to jointly work for the restoration of peace, democracy, human and women rights.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) organized a function to observe the International Women Day, at a local hotel, which besides a large number of Afghan women was attended by the Pakistani politicians, intellectuals and people belonging to various walks of life.

Big banners inscribed with different slogans in favour of democracy, peace, human rights and against fundamentalism were displayed on the occasion. Almost all the RAWA activists eulogized the services of their founding member Meena, and their association, which they had been rendering for the rights of women since long. They reiterated their commitment to continue their struggle till the achievement of their goals. "We had been opposing fundamentalists and jihade forces in the past and would do so in future," said an activist amidst cheering crowed. She added: "The emancipation of Afghan women depends on the fundamentalists annihilation." Different Afghan students presented various Afghan revolutionary poems, national songs with different intervals.

The central information secretary, ANP Haji Mohammad Adeel, central PPP (Sherpao) leader and MPA Sikandar Khan Sherpao, newly elected PPP-S senator Ms Anisa Zeb Tahirkhali, central leader of Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party Afzal Khamoosh and member Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) Zaira Khattak addressed on the occasion.

Haji Adeel said his party was opposed to fundamentalism in the past and would follow the same policy in future. We had been opposing fundamentalism and jihadies in Afghanistan and here in this country but the dictators and agencies tried to punish their party in the recently held elections. He said his party has been demanding real democracy in Pakistan and Afghanistan where all the people could get equal rights. After September 11, the changes were made but those were incomplete. He said Taliban were removed from Afghanistan.

Sikandar Sherpao said the promises and assurances were made in the past for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of that war torn country but nothing practical was done for that. He urged upon the governments to practically work for the welfare and prosperity of the Afghan nation instead of making speeches and promises.

Senator Anisa Zeb said the Afghan women had to work hard to solve most of the problems, which they had been facing up till now. She urged upon the women to forge unity among their ranks and further organize them for the achievement of their rights by jointly working with other women organizations at international level.

The RAWA members said her organization has been emphasizing that the main reason of Afghanistan's unparalleled backwardness and the servitude of its men and women is that the fundamentalists are in power, their personality and their treacherous and blood covered record during the four years of their "Islamic Emirate" (1992-1996) one that the mentality of Taliban showed. No big change will be occurred regarding the present condition, unless the whole nation and particularly our women march on the path of struggle for freedom. The unity of all democracy-loving and anti-fundamentalist forces is the sole guarantee of victory in the path. Just now there are attempts towards the creation of unity and cooperation among the said forces. However, this mission will have no value and will not produce any positive result unless it is based on anti-fundamentalist struggle for the sake of democracy and independence.

Today the threat of awful war by the US and UK for the control of oil of the Gulf region and for the bullying and frightening of other countries under the excuse of Saddam's regime toppling, has already cast its shadow on Iraq. It is the obligation of all peace-loving forces of Afghanistan to take firm stand against warmongers with full solidarity with worldwide anti-war movement.


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