RAWA for representative government in Kabul

The Statesman, March 18, 2003
Statesman Report


PESHAWAR: The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan has termed the Hamid Karzai government a total failure as far as the women’s rights are concerned and demanded the establishment of a true and representative government in that country.

Addressing a seminar under the title of the ‘Women Rights in Afghanistan’ at a hotel here on Monday, the RAWA speakers urged the international community to fulfil its pledges and take concrete steps for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

“We want that Afghanistan should be purged of all sorts of fundamentalism and extremism. In the last 23 years, the Afghan warlords, jihadis and Taliban have played havoc with the rights and freedom of the Afghan people. The women’s rights have been in particular violated and they have been brutalised for vested interests. We demand of the international community to consider the miserable condition of the Afghan women and take steps for their social, political and educational emancipation”, they said.

The woman speakers declared that giving the power to the Northern Alliance was just like giving authority to the enemies of Afghanistan. The NA had been involved in gross human rights violations and destroying Afghanistan at the behest of the foreign powers, they observed.

“We demand that all the Afghan warlords, included in the Hamid Karzai government and outside, should be presented before an international tribunal and put on trial for their long history of intrigues and bloodshed on the Afghan soil. We don’t think that the present government is acceptable to all the Afghan people. If the international community and neighbouring countries really want to see stability and peace in the region, the Afghan people should be allowed to elect their representatives in a free and fair manner. Democracy and secularism are the remedies for all evils confronting Afghanistan at the present hour,” they observed.

The RAWA members pledged that they would continue their struggle for the protection of the women rights and never compromise on the principles of democracy, liberty and secularism. They demanded of the international community to discourage the US imperialism and block the US way for monopolising the natural resources of Iraq.

“The US has no right to bring a regime change in Iraq. It is the right of the Iraqi people to either accept or reject Saddam Hussain’s government. On the one hand, the US has adopted criminal silence over the killing of the innocent people at the hands of the Israeli forces in Palestine and, on the other, it has become the champion of democracy and human rights. This double standard will lead the country to a new holocaust,” they said.

Addressing the seminar, Haji Muhammad Adeel, the central information secretary of the Awami National Party, said that his party had always supported the cause of the Afghan women and opposed the interference of the foreign countries in the internal affairs of Afghanistan.

“It is a happy sign for the people of Afghanistan that the government of the fundamentalists has been dismantled there, but unfortunately this time Pakistan has been made the victim of the menace of fundamentalism. All the secular parties and groups are being discouraged by the generals and secret agencies. Fighting extremism and fundamentalism is very essential for the establishment of a tolerant, stable and peaceful society, both in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he observed.

A central leader of the PPP (S), Sikandar Hayat Sherpao, a leader of the Mazdoor Kisan Party, Afzal Khamosh, and a lady senator, Anisa Zaib, also addressed the seminar. The student members of the RAWA presented some patriotic songs on this occasion.


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