Statement of RAWA's anti-war demonstration in Islamabad

The US Government Wants War,
the People of US and the World Want Peace!

Again the world has been plunged into a newly terrifying nightmare. The US and its allies are willing to destroy Saddam Hussain's regime- the regime with which till yesterday they were allied and which they supported in the war against Iran- and impose their own puppet government on the Iraqi people and by doing so repeat the ghastly tragedy of the Gulf War in which Saddam survived but the war caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people.

While a war against terrorism in the name of democracy is the excuse for the attack, the people of Afghanistan, at least, know well the hidden nature of these claims and excuses.

First the terrorist Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was the favorite son - the recent American pronouncements against this hangman are meaningless. Then Osama and Mullah Omar occupied his place and now finally they polished the grim appearance of the "Northern Alliance", beautifying them with pantaloons and neckties, and imposed them on our people.

Will America do better than this in Iraq? The Iraqi people have suffered and been pushed to the limit by the crimes of Saddam's regime but this has never meant that they ask the US and its allies to save them with military intervention. The change of government in each country is the prerogative of the people of that country, otherwise the result will be neither stable nor sustainable for the long term. The puppet regimes of Parcham and Khalq followed by the criminal Jehadi regime, the Taliban and finally the re-imposition of the Jehadis, with Karzai as the President, are all proof of this claim.

Even Afghan and other children throughout the world ask why, if the US wants to destroy rulers like Saddam Hussain, has it imposed the war criminals and professional terrorists, who are worse than Saddams, in Afghanistan?

If the US considers Saddam as a threat to the peace and security of the world and region and for this reason intends to disarm Iraq, then why does it support Israel, which is equipped with atomic weapons and is the butcher of the Palestinian people?

Why doesn't the US government, which without any strong evidence or facts claims that the Iraqi regime has connections with Al Qaida, seriously consider these suspicions regarding other Arabic countries? Why doesn't the US government, which calls itself the champion of democracy, pay any respect to the voices of millions of anti-war people around the globe?

The answers to all these questions are crystal clear to everyone:

It is the oil of Iraq (the most important oil reserve in the world), the domination of the Middle East, the threatening and bullying of other countries and finally the desire to surpass its rivals that makes the US government resolute and determined to invade Iraq. It should be noted that still it is not clear which countries will come under attack after the occupation of Iraq.

The US and Britain governments have been exposed as warmongering and hegemonic regimes.

But what is clear in today's world is the stand and wishes of the majority of the people who are separate from their governments.

The people of the world and of the US in particular will not allow the Bush administration to misuse the 11th September incident and, in their name and under the banner of democracy, impose war and bring catastrophe on poor and suffering nations.

Just now the anti-war and anti-jingoism call of the people is so strong in the US, the UK, and all over the world that Bush and Tony Blair can't overlook or ignore it.

The majority of UN Security Council members are also standing against the US and British jingoism, and emphasizing the continuation of the UN inspectors' work. But this is not enough. We must all stand against the war on Iraq and never let it happen.

The Afghan people who have suffered in the fires of war for the past 25 years deeply hate war more than most other nations, but unfortunately in Afghanistan they cannot mingle their anti-war protest voices with the millions of other anti-war protestors around the world because of the domination of the fundamentalist dictatorship in Afghanistan.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) is pleased that at least in Pakistan through today's demonstration it can announce its solidarity with all peace-loving movements in every nook and corner of the world and can represent and echo the choked and muted voice of its fettered nation against war and warmongers.

Down with terrorism and jingoism!
Long live peace, freedom and democracy!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Feb.24, 2003


Photos of RAWA anti-war protest rally

RAWA Stages Anti-war Demonstration

RAWA protests US gunboat diplomacy

The Statesman, February 25, 2003
Statesman Report

ISLAMABAD: Speakers of a protest rally held under the auspices of Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) Monday urged the world community to play its due role in averting the US go-it-alone war against Iraq.

US President George W Bush on Sunday gave UN a new ultimatum: pass a resolution authorising force against Iraq within two months or America will Attack.

The speakers also asked the Muslim Ummah to help stop the attack which has large-scale political, social and economical implications not only for the Middle East but on the whole world.

The protesters marched to the United Nation office and presented a memorandum to the UN officials. They were carrying placards inscribed with anti-US slogans.

In view of the prevailing law and order situation in the country, heavy contingents of law enforcement agencies were deployed to avert any untoward event. The security personnel tried to disperse the protestors before they observe demonstration. Shala Hassan, RAWA executive member, while addressing the protesters said that the US wants to grab the Iraqi oilfields on the pretext of its much-advertised disarming Saddam.

But the people of the entire world, she added, know the US designs of reshaping the Middle East. “It is all about an oil game and to disarm Saddam is a good pretext to serve the purpose”, she added.

Shala maintained that the victims of the possible attack on Iraq would be the disadvantaged group including women and children.

She suggested that war is no solution to any issue and the US must come up with a political solution to the crisis.

“The example of the Afghanistan is before us and once the US forces cross the Iraq boundaries, no one is strong enough to get them out”, she asserted.

She criticised that the US is advocating democracy across globe but it has planted a government in Afghanistan which lacks popular support.

“The installation of Karzai administration under the Bonn Conference is what America is doing to safeguard its long-term interest in this part of the world” she commented.

“In pragmatic terms, he opined, democracy and the Karzai-led administration in Afghanistan are pole-apart”.

On the occasion, while talking to the Statesman, she said that the silence of the Muslim world does not necessarily mean that they are in favour of war.

The Muslim countries have a united stand over the issue of Iraq and if the US attacks Iraq, the whole ummah would help its Iraqi brethren.

She claimed that on the one hand the US is talking of democracy, humanity and civil liberties, while on the other it is ignoring the wishes of its own people who marched on New York streets last week urging Bush not to attack Iraq.

“Millions of people around the world from Italy to Karachi took to the streets to protest potential US aggression for Iraq”, she added.

RAWA holds demo against possible US attack on Iraq

DAWN, Feb.25, 2003
By A Reporter

ISLAMABAD, Feb 24: The activists of Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) staged an anti-war demonstration against the impending American attack on Iraq.

According to a statement issued here on Monday, the demonstrators highlighted the fact that people of the world were united against the hegemonistic regimes of the US and Britain.

The anti-war call is so strong that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair can not ignore it, the statement added.

"Peace-loving people of America and the world will not allow the Bush administration to misuse the 9/11 incident and impose war on poor nations."

Majority of the UN Security Council members have also emphasised on the continuation of the UN inspectors work, it said.

The participants were carrying banners and placards inscribed with anti-war and anti-US slogans. They were also holding the picture of the founder of RAWA, Meena, who was assassinated in 1978 and her killer was hanged recently in Pakistan.

The protesters were of the view that America was planning to attack Iraq to capture its oil reserves.

They questioned the validity of American claim that change of regime was to free the Iraqi people from the clutches of a 'tyrant dictator'.

"War against terrorism for democracy is now well-exposed to the people of Afghanistan where the US courted successive tyrants like Gulbuddin, Mullah Omar, Osama and recently installed the tyrannical rule of Northern Alliance in Kabul," they said.

The change of government in every country is the duty of its people, otherwise the government will not sustain for a long time, they added.

The demonstrators said war against Iraq would be a repetition of the Gulf War tragedy in which President Saddam survived but the war resulted in the death of hundreds of innocent Iraqis.

"The Afghan children ask that if the US wants to dethrone Saddam then why it has imposed criminals and professional terrorists worse than Saddam in Afghanistan," the statement said.

"Why the US, the self-proclaimed champion of democracy, has closed its eyes to the atrocities of Israel against innocent Palestinians," it added.

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